The layered philosophy behind Dystopia – Ambience and Drone

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One thing I wanted to accomplish with Dystopia – Ambience and Drone was to allow people to easily create dynamic, constantly evolving ambiences and atmospheres by layering multiple loops over one another.

Since the loops are different lengths, when you layer and loop multiple together, their loop points almost never align with one another again (unless you wait hours, days or months!) This concept allows for audio that never grows tiring and always has an organic, evolving feel to it, especially in game audio where players may be immersed in the one environment or scene for a while, though the same is true for film and video productions.

Varying the track volumes (or fading them up and down over time), applying EQ or crossfading between loops can add even more variety using the same source material.

While ambiences and drones may not be the most exciting on the surface, they're arguably the most powerful tool at a creator's disposal to instantly evoke mood and emotion, to transport the audience, and with relatively little effort involved – just drop one (or a few) looping tracks and you're good to go!

Fortunately, I'm not the only one who finds ambience useful – a few nice reviews of the library have appeared in various pockets of the web, here are a couple:

"This is fantastic! The loops are so seamless!" – from

"Exceeded expectations! All sounds are incredibly deep and high quality. Everything can be layered together very well. Fits perfectly in to any dystopian, scifi, or horror scene. Love it!" – from Unity Marketplace

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