Introducing the Shapeforms Audio blog

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I'm happy to announce the arrival of a brand new blog, covering all things audio!

A slew of useful and interesting posts are planned, from behind-the-scenes making-of articles, to quick tips, gear and tech rundowns and reviews, and much more!

I'll delve deep into the fascinating world of sound and the myriad left-of-field ways of discovering, recording and producing it. Uncovering sounds previously unheard through ultrasonic recording, exploring devices that turn light into sound, and others that make electromagnetic fields audible. I'll also cover specific sound design techniques and tips that you can use in your own work, whether for games, film or music production.

Join me on a sonic adventure as we set sail through oceans of sound waves, sharing insights and learning a thing or two along the way!

Until next time,
Rich, Shapeforms Audio