Arcane Activations

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You've traversed Hyrule. Scoured the Forbidden Land. Journeyed far and wide.

Now bring life to worlds of your creation with the power to light up arcane glyphs and symbols, set the night sky aglow with beams of light, raise ruins from subterraneous slumber, and reveal deep dark caverns with the glow of crystals set alight with magic.

Arcane Activations features 277 sounds for all things magical, mysterious and puzzling.

Weave magic and mystery into your project with:

  • 145 Arcane Magic sounds – bring symbols and glyphs, beams, magical auras and glows to life with audio! Includes a handful of retro Anime inspired SFX!
  • 61 Arcane UI sounds to round out the experience with sounds designed to compliment the core library.
  • A smattering of 32 stone movement & interaction sounds for environmental puzzles and more.
  • A set of looping environmental ambiences to set the scene, including earthquake rumble for rising ruins and other mysterious events.
  • And finally, a selection of 27 magical risers, transitions and whooshes to layer in, add movement, tension, and glue everything together!

Format: WAV 24/96, 24/48, and 16/44 versions included in separate zips for convenience
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Happy spell-casting! ✨