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Get every Shapeforms Audio sound library so far (and any others released in 2021) in a bundle and save over $100

Perfect for games, video and motion design, Shapeforms Complete Collection provides over $194 worth of content for only $89

Includes 8 libraries, 1 preset pack and any new products released in 2021:

Sci Fi Weapons Cyberpunk Arsenal

Sci Fi Weapons: Cyberpunk Arsenal is packed full of variety to bring your film and games into the future. 1200 sounds. Over 50 Visceral Weapons. Explosions. Beams. And 18 Support Categories including Gore, Shields, Reloads and more. UCS compliant. 96kHz 24-bit WAV with bonus 16/44 version

Hit & Punch + Hit & Punch Essentials

Hit & Punch empowers you with a battery of 490 potent fighting, motion and impact sounds, perfect for fighting games, brawlers, FPS, RPGs and more – anywhere dukes are raised and fisticuffs ensue. WHAM!!! 96kHz 24-bit WAV

Dystopia – Ambience & Drone

82 seamlessly looping drones and ambiences and 17 one-shot cinematic effects ready to use in your project (over 1 hour total). Layer multiple tracks for near-endless variety! Howling wind, intimate and expansive spaces, deep drones, distorted textures, computer and electronic effects, comms and noise, rumbles and underwater atmos, rain, and abstract atmospheres. 24-bit/48kHz WAV, and 16/44 for Unreal Engine

The Mint – Coins & Money

Whether it's a treasure trove of dropped loot, a sack of stolen pirate doubloons, the rewarding clash of coins colliding, or the exhilarating tick-tick-tick of currency counting up, The Mint has you covered! 450+ sounds, 96kHz 24-bit WAV


Cassette is a library of 205 portable tape recorder, cassette, rewind, slow-down and noise sounds for your project's time manipulation events, cutscene and in-game foley, UI or as source for mechanical and sci-fi sound design. 96kHz 24-bit WAV

Sound Design Toolkit 001 – Delay

DELAY is a preset pack for Valhalla's excellent Delay plugin, which is capable of mangling audio beyond the capabilities of a traditional delay plugin. Also includes an eclectic mini library of Delay processed sounds (30 WAVS).


A library of typing sound effects from 4 sources: PC keyboard, Mac keyboard, laptop and touchscreen tablet. Single keystrokes, words/sentences, fingers brushed along keyboards. Great for UI, cutscenes, motion graphics – and more! 226 WAVS, 24/96 and 16/44 included.

Arcane Activations

Arcane Activations is a sound library for all things magical, mysterious and puzzling. Fantastical glyphs and symbols light up, spells are cast and auras awaken slumbering stone ruins, rising from the quaking earth. Includes magic, UI sounds, environmental ambience & more! 277 WAVS. 16/44, 24/48 and 24/96 included.


342 high-quality balloon recordings for creative sound design and foley. UCS, Soundminer and BWF metadata. 16/44 and 24/96 Stereo WAV.

+ Future UI (working title), free when it releases late 2021/2022

A library of hundreds of Sci-Fi User Interface sounds, from holograms to computer consoles, button clicks, page swipes, open/close, alerts, glitches, ambience and more.

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