Dystopia – Ambience & Drone

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The difference between an average-sounding game and a polished one: ambience.

It's the glue that holds all sound together and the secret sauce for setting the mood of your game. Ambience fully immerses players in the worlds of your creation.

Dystopia – Ambience & Drone invites you to a world gone wrong. Howling winds tear through barren wastelands, creaks and groans emerge from an industrial complex long-abandoned, the hum of a near-empty vessel cuts through the silence of space. If you can imagine it and it's dark, dank and foreboding, Dystopia can take you there. Great for Sci-Fi epics to intimate horror titles, magical RPG worlds and everything between.

Dystopia enhances your project with:

  • 82 seamlessly looping drones and ambiences ready to use in your game! Over 1 hour of immersive atmospheres. Layer multiple tracks for near-endless variety.
  • 17 One-shot Cinematic effects for event-based triggering, transitions and randomised variety. Includes sub-bass drops great for trailer audio.
  • Varied content, including: howling wind, intimate and expansive spaces, deep drones, distorted textures, computer and electronic effects, comms and noise, rumbles and underwater atmos, rain, and abstract atmospheres.
  • High-quality audio – 24-bit/48kHz WAV, and 16/44 for Unreal Engine
  • Versatile – use in your game, trailers, music production and sound design.
  • Grounded in reality – many ambiences contain real-world recordings, meticulously processed to lend authenticity to your world.
  • Royalty-free – use the sounds in commercial & non-commercial products!
  • Made with care, drawing from over 11 years experience making games (including contribution to 7 Global mobile #1's)
  • Free updates for existing owners – price may increase with major updates.
  • Includes PDF with tips on getting the most out of the library.
  • Searchable Metadata – BWF, Soundminer, PDF

Get Dystopia now and add immersive, visceral energy to your game!