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Perfect for games, video and motion design, Shapeforms Complete Collection provides $94.99+ worth of content for only $45

Includes 5 libraries:

Hit & Punch

Hit & Punch empowers you with a battery of 490 potent fighting, motion and impact sounds, perfect for fighting games, brawlers, FPS, RPGs and more – anywhere dukes are raised and fisticuffs ensue. WHAM!!! 96kHz 24-bit WAV

Dystopia – Ambience & Drone

82 seamlessly looping drones and ambiences and 17 one-shot cinematic effects ready to use in your project (over 1 hour total). Layer multiple tracks for near-endless variety! Howling wind, intimate and expansive spaces, deep drones, distorted textures, computer and electronic effects, comms and noise, rumbles and underwater atmos, rain, and abstract atmospheres. 24-bit/48kHz WAV, and 16/44 for Unreal Engine

The Mint – Coins & Money

Whether it's a treasure trove of dropped loot, a sack of stolen pirate doubloons, the rewarding clash of coins colliding, or the exhilarating tick-tick-tick of currency counting up, The Mint has you covered! 450+ sounds, 96kHz 24-bit WAV


Cassette is a library of 205 portable tape recorder, cassette, rewind, slow-down and noise sounds for your project's time manipulation events, cutscene and in-game foley, UI or as source for mechanical and sci-fi sound design. 96kHz 24-bit WAV

Sci Fi Weapons (early-access preorder)

Command an arsenal of weapon sounds (10 weapon sets/300 sounds in the early-access version), professionally crafted and waiting to wreak havoc in your project's universe! Arriving in the full version: beams, rifles, cannons, pulses, bombs, alien arms (not the ones attached to alien torsos), and additional effects to bring your project to life including reloads, weapon handling noise, hit confirms, recharge, cool-down and more! Arriving 2020 as a free update.

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