Hit and Punch Essentials

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A concentrated sound design toolkit that packs a real PUNCH!

  • 101 of the best sounds from Shapeforms' most popular sound library Hit & Punch (including a few new or improved ones!)
  • Perfect for anyone looking for a focused library of punch, movement and impact sounds with a small footprint.
  • 75 punches (including new retro arcade fighter style sounds), 14 movement sounds, 12 hits and impacts.
  • Saves you time with fewer files to look through.
  • Includes AAA industry standard 24-bit 48kHz and lightweight 16-bit 44kHz versions of the library for instant drag and drop versatility.
  • Includes discounted upgrade path to the full version if you decide to upgrade later.

Libraries compared:

Essentials – 101 sounds, 16/44 & 24/48 WAV
Hit & Punch (full library) – 490 sounds, 24/96 WAV, also includes Essentials as optional download