Sci Fi Weapons (early-access)

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Get Sci-Fi Weapons today and command an exclusive early-access arsenal of weapon sounds, professionally crafted and ready to wreak havoc in your project's universe!

Pre-order now and get an early-access library with:

  • Over 10 delightfully destructive Sci-Fi weapon sets from powerful rapid-fire weapons that generate their own ammo, rattly low-tech mechanical firearms held together with duct-tape to gel cannons, laser blasters and more!
  • Single- and burst-fire modes for most weapons, giving you the flexibility to design weapons just the way you like them.
  • 6 variants per firing mode for added dynamism.
  • A selection of empty clip, reload, targeting, impact and ricochet sfx.
  • 300 high-quality 24/96 and 16/44 WAV files.
  • 65% discount (or higher) on the full version – the final library will be priced between $29 and $49.
  • Free update to the full version when it launches (and possible intermediate updates, also free!)
  • PREORDER BONUS – Five ambiences from Dystopia – Ambience & Drone

Expected in the full version:

A cache of exciting out-of-this-world weapons. Beams, rifles, cannons, pulses, bombs, alien arms (not the ones attached to alien torsos), and additional effects to bring your game to life including reloads, weapon handling noise, hit confirms, recharge, cool-down and more! Final version will also include metadata. Coming 2020.